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Objects may be more "insane" than they appear on front page...

Ok not really (ok kinda).  I grew up in western Michigan on a gravel road.  We owned goats.  I had no idea what a headshot was or how to be a professional actor but I remember from a young age wanting it so badly that it made me want to cry and laugh at the same time. People thought I was "insane" for dreaming it.

I worked hard.  I spent four years at Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music as a musical theatre major and soon after graduating, was cast in my first Broadway show: RENT.  Shortly after my 1,051,200 minutes (theatre joke) at my dream job I booked another dream job: 67 Days of Smiles.  For 67 days I played host and experienced over 120 attractions in Orlando Florida.  Yes it's true. Immediately after that I was a part of the original cast of the biggest show in Broadway history: Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.  I am currently kicking up my heels in the TONY award winning Kinky Boots.

I remember looking at our goats on our gravel road in Michigan, laughing/crying thinking about how badly I wanted to be a professional actor... and I still do it today (but without the goats) because I'm living my wildest most "insane" dreams.  And I couldn't be happier.